OxyCure® clinic provides comprehensive treatment for children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and cerebral palsy (CP), and other developmental delays (such as learning difficulties and delayed speech).

OxyCure® is the first clinic in the Middle East that is dedicated for the treatment of autism and other autistic spectrum disorders. At OxyCure®, we believe that autism is treatable. Our belief is supported by several studies that were conducted by DAN doctors. These studies indicate that autism is the result of an environmental insult that leads to abnormalities in the body's biochemistry, metabolic pathways, and immune system. DAN doctors have been treating children with autism and other autistic spectrum disorders for many years in the United States and Europe. They apply the "DAN treatment protocol" in order to treat autism and other ASDs. Before starting treatment, an array of lab testing needs to be completed in order to find out the underlying reasons of ASD, and the pathways that have been affected. After that, a treatment plan is developed for the child. The DAN treatment protocol has shown promising results. A large number of children recover, while the rest show significant improvement.